About Me


I am a practical free spirit who calls Chicago home. Work and wanderlust, however, have catapulted me all over the globe – from the holy cities of India to the temples of Thailand to the mystical mountain villages of Peru and Ecuador. Oh, what these eyes have seen!

Traveling is in my DNA and has woven itself into my career. I’ve criss-crossed the globe extensively as a Director of Digital Content, seven of those years for the world’s largest online travel deals publisher. (Yes, the job came with travel perks.) Before transitioning to digital media, I traveled the country writing, producing and directing documentaries for an Emmy-nominated television series. (Yes, I got to walk the red carpet in Hollywood.) I’ve also reported on-air for local news, freelanced for big-name publications (including the No. 1 digital travel magazine) and taught journalism at major universities.

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? Answer: most of the time. This rapid-fire pace triggered by my Type A personality is also incredibly exhausting. And, it can be incredibly lonely.

Loneliness led me to a tiny Hatha yoga studio when I was 19 years old, and I thank the divine intervention that nudged me to give it a try that day. Since then, yoga has become a central fixture in my life. Without it, I am convinced that I’d be a spinning top circling the globe – unfocused and creating confusion, with others and within myself. Its healing powers have cradled me through stressful times, heartbreak and family tragedy. Its discipline has instilled in me confidence and focus. Its challenges continually teach me the art of patience. Yoga, in short, is my spiritual mother.

Today, I consider myself a humble messenger for the ancient practice, championing its benefits to a society that is so easily sucked into superficial drama and self-created stress. Friends, family and colleagues know this well.

This blog is an extension of intense yoga studies and an around-the-world travel sabbatical — one that was initiated after quitting my job and saying goodbye to everything that was “stable,” purely for the sake of the challenge, the adventure, the experience. I hope that by opening up my life and musings, I can perhaps inspire and motivate YOU to put a “yoga lens” on your own life experiences and stay curious about the world around you.

My life has been a blessed one so far.  My intention is to help make it more blissful for others, as well.  As this blog progresses with time, perhaps this piece of my dharma will be revealed to me … and you, dear reader, will be a real-time witness to it.




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