Class Notes, Week 38: In the flow

The Moksha yoga teacher training program requires me to journal once each week about my experience with the poses and assignments + my practice and progress. This is part of that weekly assignment.

For the next week, I am practicing yoga atop a white-washed roofdeck overlooking beautiful caldera of Santorini.  See the photo above for proof.  I need this proof myself, as I am constantly pinching myself.  I cannot believe this is real.  That this is my life right now.  Karma has been incredibly kind lately.

I’ve only been on the island for a day, and I can already sense that this will be a fantastic growing experience, and hopefully a time to unplug — save the occasional updates to this blog.

Shiva Rea’s yoga practice of prana flow unlike what I’ve been practicing back in Chicago — it is poetic and graceful and nuanced in its challenges.  The practice mirrors that of one of my teachers, Nianna.  She is the yogini who took me to India last year and is a student of Shiva’s — so it makes sense.  But it’s crazy how they even sound alike, and express themselves in very similar ways.  The student isn’t too different from the teacher, in this circumstance.  It’s nice to be tethered to that sort of familiarity with a new teacher.

But beyond the practice yoga practice itself, I am wowed by the yogis that this retreat has attracted.  Nearly all of the 40 attending are dedicated yoga teachers in their own right.  And from all over the globe: Ireland, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Germany, England, Costa Rica, Canada, Morocco, Dubai, USA.  It’s a true international bunch.

We are all like-minded and knowledgeable about yoga philosophy, which makes conversations so much fun.  I am learning a ton just by talking with them, and asking questions about their respective practices and yoga careers.  After all, I am the newbie yoga teacher on the block — most of my peers on this retreat have been teaching for some time.  It’s a ready-made group of yogi mentors!

I intend to make the most of this situation, and hopefully leave Santorini with new yogi friendships that will help me along my path …

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