Anticipation of a shift

Several of my yoga teacher trainee friends are making dramatic life pivots:

  • One recently quit her corporate job to pursue a degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine …
  • Another recently quit his engineering job to help manage a yoga retreat center in northern Illinois …
  • And another is contemplating quitting her IT job to move to Colorado, a place where she felt a connection during a recent road trip …

Boom, boom, boom.

Have the past nine months of intense yoga and meditation encouraged an inner compass reset with each of these friends?

Without a doubt.

I’ve grappled with my career vocation, too.  I go back and forth about my happiness at my current job.  Some days are wonderfully fulfilling; others are miserable to the point where I’m silently crying in the office bathroom.

But questioning my vocation goes beyond career in the traditional sense.  Bigger questions loom.  How can I be an effective instrument for positive change?  What will unite me with the world in a more fulfilling way?  What will keep my fire ignited?  What special duty — other than the simple act of breathing — will inspire me to wake up each morning with smiling enthusiasm?

And tied to these sorts of questions is this: How can I make shifts that will inspire a desired change … while preserving the comfortable lifestyle that I’m used to?

Ah-ha!  There lies a big hurdle for me.  As much as I’d love to throw caution to the wind and do something radically different, go on an extended sabbatical to India and Nepal, etc. etc. etc., those western-minded practicalities are always chirping in my ears.

Money, health insurance, mortgage, bills to pay, a love of high-priced salon and spa visits.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.


While I admire (and envy!) the beautiful changes evolving with my yogi friends, I also haven’t felt called to a specific “new” path.  I crave it.  But I don’t know what that “it” is.  Not yet.  I have some ideas, though.

Once that TBD pull compels me like an insanely powerful magnet, I’ll need to cultivate a plan and a tremendous amount of courage.  Or maybe I’ll just cultivate a tremendous amount of courage and cannon ball dive right in.

I anticipate this moment.  I fear and desire this moment.  I am building up the courage (and the finances) to support whatever the shift may be.

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