Today is my video review.  The butterflies in my stomach are flapping, flapping, flapping.

I have been practicing my “script” for this video-taped yoga practice for about the last month.  I have the first 30 minutes of the 90-minute practice.  It’s well rehearsed.  I should feel super confident.

But I am anxious.  More nervous than excited.  (Really nervous, actually, since I ran over 30 minutes during this morning’s run-through in my living room.  Yikes.)

I haven’t felt this sort of anxious adrenaline since my days as a competitive gymnast.  But, this isn’t so terribly unlike those competition days …

As a gymnast, I practiced routine after routine in the gym without an audience of judges — in the hopes that I’d “stick” it in competition, when it truly counted.  The same goes for today.  I’ve practiced and practiced.  Now, can I “stick” it?

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