Class Notes, Week 28: Prepping for the video review

The Moksha yoga teacher training program requires me to journal once each week about my experience with the poses and assignments + my practice and progress. This is part of that weekly assignment.

Saturday, May 18 — that’s the day of my video review.  It’s the first of several “final exams” within Moksha’s yoga teacher training program.  I’ll be teaching a beginner yoga class with two of my teacher trainee classmates, and the class will be videotaped.  After the practice, every word and action will get dissected by Daren and my fellow trainees.  No pressure.

Nobody likes to have their flaws pointed out, myself included.  Blows to the ego suck.  (And yes, I see the irony in this given that yoga is supposed to help us strip that ego.)  But, this component of the project isn’t meant to be malicious — it will be done in a nurturing environment, and the observations and advice will make us better teachers.

However, I think some of my teacher trainee peers are losing sight of this and freaking out a little too much about the criticism part and wanting to mimic every cue we’ve learned in the teacher training to “please the professor.”  This nervous energy rubs off on me.  I just want to put together a fun and safe class with my teacher teammates.  This isn’t the MCAT or LSAT.  (And even with those do-or-die tests, you have a chance to re-do.)

Plus, we’re going to get picked apart regardless of how “perfect” we execute our part of the teaching.  There is always, always, always — always — room for improvement.  I’m sure if Shiva Rea or Seane Corn were involved in this project, we’d find ways for them to improve their instruction, too.

My two co-teachers are fantastic women with wonderful, nurturing energy — and I already enjoy working with them.  Lisa, Beth and I have the next month-and-half mapped out with meet-ups and practice teaching.  We are focused!  This weekend, we sketched out our first “roadmap” of the entire class sequence.  I have the first part, Lisa has the second part; and Beth has the third part.  (We drew straws at our first “get to know each other” coffee meet-up, just to be fair about the assignments.)

Another cool thing that I realized this weekend: We are women in very different stages of life.  Lisa is a mother of three; Beth is a mother-to-be (due in August); and I am a single female hoping to chart their path of motherhood someday.  I have so much to learn from them — beyond the whole “how to teach a yoga class” video review assignment.  I look forward to collaborating with them, and seeing where this process takes us.

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