The opening circle

Whenever I casually tell people at work that I’m starting classes again, those who don’t know me have asked, “Oh, are you getting your MBA?”  My response: “No, I’m not interested in getting my MBA.  I’m beginning a year-long yoga teacher training program.”  The usual response back: “Oh, that’s nice.”

This happened to me again today.  Sigh.  I’m confident that some — perhaps many — people in my corporate work world view this venture as a “cool hobby” rather than a vocational program that will ultimately prove beneficial in ways that an MBA never could.  After all, I plan to treat this program with the same vigor and dedication that any MBA student would treat her courses – I just won’t end the program with a degree that should triple my salary.

I can’t impose my views on others, of course.  It’s frustrating, however, to feel like something so valuable to me – and something that could prove immensely valuable to my co-workers – isn’t shown a similar respect.  So it goes.

That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to meet the other 25 (or so) yoga teacher trainees tonight: I wanted to learn a bit about their backgrounds, and revel in our common enthusiasm.

At tonight’s “opening circle,” we all sat in a circle and shared our name, background and intention for the program.   There were no candles or incense, no drums or guitars, no holding of the hands.  (Some of this I anticipated.)  What was exposed: really cool diversity in our class.

There is a husband and wife duo going through the program together.  There is an ex-football player.  An ex-Marine (female).  A former attorney who has also planned high-profile events at the White House.  A nanny.  A woman who recently quit her job and spent several weeks at an ashram in India.  A handful of people who are disillusioned with corporate life (but haven’t quit their jobs yet).  A children’s yoga teacher.  An elementary school teacher.  A few recent college graduates still figuring out the career thing.  And a mother and son duo – the son is in seventh grade, the youngest teacher trainee ever at Moksha.

It was intriguing to hear the little bits of life story shared by each person.  I don’t remember all of the specifics, but look forward to learning everyone’s story on a deeper level in time.  The common thread that strung together everyone’s intention for entering the program: a desire to help others discover a path that’s transformed each of our lives for the better.

It will be fun to watch how we all evolve over the next year.

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