Quote: March 27, 2013

“The yoga teacher was throwing out Indian words left and right, and I couldn’t keep up …”
~ A beginner yoga student

I overheard this comment from a yoga student while I was awaiting the start of a beginner yoga class last night.  He told the girl at the Moksha front desk that this would be his third yoga class — that his first two attempts at another studio were overwhelming, he wasn’t sure that he was doing it “right.”

I admired this guy’s persistence in trying out another studio, and can only hope that last night’s class hooked him to return.

But another take-away while eavesdropping: Be careful tossing out too much Sanskrit (especially without context or definition).

For beginners, this language can be intimidating.  I remember that it was for me in my early yoga career!  I used to think that yoga teachers were just trying to sound “cool” when they used those fancy Indian words.

It’s good to hear comments like this, and be tethered back to the mindset of a new yoga student — to keep things simple and straightforward.  And be mindful about cultivating a practice and speech that draws them in, rather than confuses them.

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