Checking work email after evening yoga practice

I returned home tonight after a blissful yoga practice.  It was an intro/beginner class that brought me back to the basics and fostered a great concentration with each asana.  I enjoyed the simplicity of it, and the ability to work on refining each pose with loving attention.  Goes to show that tremendous benefits can come from both beginner and advanced classes.

The gate crasher to this blissed-out state: my work email.

When I got home, I decided to check work email to ensure I didn’t miss any important correspondence this evening.  I am a responsible producer like that, and it’s the day before our weekly publish.

I opened a rather manipulative email from a colleague that lit my pitta fire.  In an instant, I went from calm to corrupted.  It happened < snap of the fingers > like that.

Damn those chitta vrittis.  How they so often get the best from me.

The funny thing is, I was aware of all of this as it was happening — this emotional evolution that caused me to spiral and respond to the email in a direct fashion.

Should I have responded?  Probably not.

Should I have gotten so hot and bothered?  Absolutely not.

Will I check my work email again after a midweek evening yoga practice?  Hell no.

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