Master Teacher Roundtable: Leeann Carey

Leeann Carey was Daren Friesen’s first yoga teacher.  (He’s the owner of Moksha Yoga.)  She’s been hosting a weekend workshop at Moksha that focuses on restorative yoga — a yummy asana practice in which poses are held for longer periods of time and with the assistance of props.

I used to hate restorative and Yin yoga practices because I found them “boring.”  Today, I embrace them.  Changes happen when you give your body sweet time to sink into a pose.  These changes are both physical and mental.  Stuff just comes up.  Plus, this is the type of asana practice that can carry over into old age, when the body might not be as nimble to practice vinyasa or ashtanga.  (Gotta think ahead … I won’t be young forever, but I can make a proactive effort to stay limber.)

I have two main take-aways from Leeann’s talk:

  • She recommends incorporating one restorative pose into a vinyasa practice to give students a taste of it.  Vinyasa students, of course, want flow and movement — so a brief introduction at the end of class, right before savasana, is a good gateway to this style of yoga.
  • “It’s better to be present than it is to be right.”  Leeann stressed the importance of focusing on the needs of the student, versus trying to push for a fix.  Sometimes the pose or adjustment won’t be appropriate, so you need to shift tactic — or just admit that you don’t have an immediate solution.

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