Returning to Sedona

In a few weeks, I return to one of the most magical places I’ve ever traveled: Sedona.

I’ve spent the past three weeks trying to decide how to use vacation time wrapped around the long President’s Day holiday weekend.  An all-inclusive beach resort in Mexico?  A coffee plantation in Panama?  A tree-top yoga retreat in Nicaragua?  Someplace new and someplace warm, I kept telling myself.  The world is my oyster.

But … I kept coming back to Sedona.  And now I’m booked.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the pull.  Three years ago, I spent four days in Red Rock Country and discovered a brilliant, mystical energy that’s clung to me ever since.  It was just me and a rental car, weaving along long highway roads speckled with red dust and framed by gorgeous natural rock sculptures.  I did lots of yoga, and lots of hiking.  In fact, I unknowingly hiked to one of the strongest vortex sites — aka energy sites — in all of Sedona.  I also had a goosebump-inducing New Age experience with a healer who claimed to harness the energy of angels.  That is a story in itself, for another time.

The solo journey was transformative and rejuvenating.  While I don’t seek to replicate the exact same experience, I do embrace the opportunity to make new discoveries with this return trip.  I plan to spend a day at the Grand Canyon.  I plan to do lots of yoga — lots and lots.  And I’ve even been researching past life regression therapy, as perhaps that wonderfully “woo-woo” Sedona experience could unlock something really amazing within me.  My zeal for trying new things and intense curiosity leaves that door open.

I return with an open mind and open heart.  The decision to return to Sedona just feels … right.  And that feeling, that absolute certainty, is a wonderful thing.

In the book and film “Gone with the Wind,” Scarlett O’Hara says she gets her strength from Tara, the plantation from her childhood.  Whenever she needed a pick-me-up, or to be reminded of the strong woman she truly was, she found herself back at Tara.

Sedona is my Tara.

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