I Am Alice

While in the shower this evening, I was musing on life … as I usually do. Lately it’s been pretty heavy, with my energy feeling dispersed in all sorts of directions. To counter this, I retreated into a bit of fantasy. I began imagining what it would be like to live the life of a Disney Princess and if all of that make-believe and enchantment — including those birds and mice that make designer ballgowns — were a part of my actual reality.

Then it hit me: I AM a Disney princess. Just not one of those princesses wearing the big fancy ballgowns and tiaras.

I am Alice. As in Alice from “Alice in Wonderland.”


Like her, I’ve experienced a lot of crazy shit.

Like her, my curiosity has led me down a few rabbit holes.

Like her, I have encountered my fair share of Red Queens, Mad Hatters and Cheshire Cats.

And the there is the White Rabbit. Oh, that elusive White Rabbit.

For me, he represents dharma. That’s the thing I’m constantly chasing. (What is it? Where did it go? Where can I find it? Why can’t I catch it?) I catch glimmers of it, then it’s gone — poof! Following my dharma is a lot like chasing that damn White Rabbit.

Yes, when I think about the journey that is my life so far, I am most definitely Alice.

This makes me smile, mainly because it helps to cast my life as one quirky, wild, ridiculous adventure where the characters (a.k.a. the people I encounter in life) shape my direction — and ultimately help point me to my dharma. These characters constantly keep me on my toes. I just hope to goodness that I can avoid any more Red Queens moving forward.


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