The Next Big Adventure: The Job Hunt


I’m starting my job hunt.

I’m exploring new opportunities.

I’m letting people know that I’m back on the market.

I’m investigating next steps.

Ugh, ugh, ugh and ugh. I hate all of those sentences. Not because I hate the process of looking for a new job, but because the phrases we’re conditioned to use while in the midst of it … mostly suck.

They just don’t sit well with me because they sound so cliche, so over-played. But at the same time, they are also all immediately understood; and when you need to get right to the point and only have so much time to capture a person’s attention, relying on the familiar is typically the ideal.

So here I go again, putting myself out there in the hopes that something I see or someone I meet will align with my goals and expertise.

But here’s the cool new twist: I’m approaching this the same way as I would traveling a new country — it’s an adventure. It’s not a chore. It’s not an obstacle. It’s not something I dread.

It’s an adventure.

I cannot predict where each “Hello” might lead me, and that is pretty exciting. “Hellos” have led me to some fabulous memories while on the road traveling; the same goes during the job search process. I now have more than 15 years of experience, including several job hunt periods (that also served as high personal growth periods), that tell me so.

Today I zipped off a handful of email “Hellos” this morning to people I’ve never met before, people I found through LinkedIn or the Northwestern University network. And tonight, I received a handful of responses back from people interested in meeting or with new leads and suggestions. So that’s promising.

Today I also had two in-person meetings. One with the HR team at a growing company in River North, another with someone in my field I met during my last job hunt period. Both were positive — it helped that I walked in positive and curious, of course.

I have no idea where the progress of today will go, but the possibilities excite me. While I’m bracing myself for the exhaustion, the rejection and the moments of self-defeat — because those days will inevitably come! — I feel good right now, as I launch into this aggressive exploration period. I’m cautiously optimistic that by continuing to say “Hello,” and relying on curiosity and intuition as my compasses, I’ll land exactly where I need to be.


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