Self-Love: Saying “No” to Keeping Busy

Do, do, do. Work, work, work. This has been the hamster wheel of my life. I love keeping busy, sometimes to the detriment of my own health and well-being. I know this, and I feel this. It’s always crazy to watch myself do this in real-time.

So I’m flipping the script right now: I’m saying “No” to the do, do, do and work, work, work. There are so many blog entries that I’ve been meaning to write, so many experiences from this month that I want to frame with a moral or a lesson. I’ve been without Wi-Fi for the past week, and now that I have access at the Albany International Airport awaiting my flight home to Chicago … I’m just too emotionally exhausted.

So I’m listening to my body. I’m saying “No.”

It feels a little strange to be giving myself permission to not be in a rush to “catch up” on writing. It’s been a beautiful month. I’ve met so many wonderful people and tapped the nectar of all sorts of goodness in the world. My 25-day journey has encompassed the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the vibrant streets of New York City, the spiritual calm of Bali, the playful camp setting of the Adirondacks and the paternal family hub of Schenectady. Every experience, every moment has been anchored in love. I “should” be eager to get it all down.

But documenting all of the juicy bits of my journey will have to wait. This is me gifting myself some self-love. I’ll get to the individual vignettes and stories and epiphanies in time. No rush. No pressure. I’m going to float in the flow of this love I’ve experienced a bit longer, savoring this time for myself. Everything else can wait.

It feels awkward … but this is a “new normal” that I want to cultivate for myself. And as with anything new, it will feel a little different at first. I am giving this uncomfortable feeling a warm hug because I know, in time, it won’t feel so strange.

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