How Two Hollywood Celebrities Wound Up in My Bed

I arrived at the St. Regis Bali Resort to discover two attractive men in my bed: Brad Pitt and James Bond (007 as played by Sean Connery).




This is a delicious way for a single girl to arrive at a resort in a destination known for its swoon-worthy pandering to couples in love.

I come alone, head held high, carrying tremendous love for myself. But, I wanted to keep a sense of humor about the situation, as well. Despite all of my years traveling the world, mostly on my own, it’s still hard to enter a sexy, exotic destination without holding the hand of a significant other. My mind wanders and drifts to the romance and shared moments that I’m missing, craving, wanting.

Some settings just inspire this desire.

The thing that helps to squash this descent into a lovelorn pity party: laughter.

So I made a few requests ahead of my arrival at the St. Regis Bali Resort. I knew that I’d get a personal butler at this posh resort to attend to my every need, and my emotional need for laughter would certainly be one of them. I am still licking my wounds after a breakup and didn’t want my mind to … wander. I emailed the butler staff altering them to the fact that I would be traveling alone and included this ask:

I thought of something that would really put a smile on my face …  I would love to arrive to my room and have my bed feature a picture of either Brad Pitt <or> Sean Connery (as a young 007 James Bond) with red rose petals.

This seemed like a clever thing to request to keep the mood fun/funny. It was inspired by a funny blog a friend sent me earlier, where a hotel guest was “testing” how far his resort butler would go to keep him happy. I was curious to see if they would make this innocent request a reality. The St. Regis butler staff emailed back with the following:

Thank you for your kind email; Response to your inquiry bellow we are pleased to arrange you a printed picture as you requested on the bed with a heart shape animal towel, however a flower petal on the bed will not be possible because it might leave mark on the bed sheet and your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

Hooray! As the pictures above demonstrate, the butler staff did not disappoint. In fact, they went above and beyond, including not one of the men — but both. Cheeky, cheeky.

The butler who greeted me, Sugi, had a good sense of humor about it when he witnessed my reaction. I burst into laughter, squealed a bit and thanked him for making me smile. He then told me he was happy — because he had a hard time choosing the picture for Brad Pitt, as he wasn’t sure I liked abs. This inspired another round of laughter. I appreciated that attention to detail.

To the ladies around the world who might be hesitant to travel solo to some of the world’s “sexier” destinations, remember this little vignette. No need for a lovelorn pity party. Have a little fun with the situation and don’t take yourself too seriously. Because laughter, indeed, can be an amazing remedy for on-the-road loneliness.


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