My Life Currency is Experience

I made a promise to myself that I’d write each day on this blog for the month of August.

Ha! I’ve already broken that promise.

But I’ve done so with good reason: I value experience over self-documentation.

I’ve been busy exploring, discovering, wandering, encountering, laughing, breathing, talking, yoga-ing, OMing, biking, walking, observing … you get the idea.

When I’m in the moment doing all of this, it’s hard to say “Cut!” so that I can write, journal and document. That would take me out of the moment. And then by the time I get back to my villa in Ubud, I’m too exhausted to blog. I just want to veg out or sleep so that I can revive myself for a new day of exploring a.k.a. “experience gathering.”

Perhaps I should be more disciplined about the writing, just as I promised myself at the top of this month. I’m like the person who sets a New Year’s Resolution only to break it in mid-January. It’s a little embarrassing.

Only … I feel justified by my “excuse.”

Experience is my life currency. And in the past few days, I’ve grown incredibly wealthy with it. None of the these moments below would have been possible if I holed myself up in my villa or a sweaty cafe to write … although that does sound romantic, too, doesn’t it?






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