Why I Love Travel Butterflies


The happy, fluttery butterflies that come whenever I am about to travel somewhere new are definitely flapping. It always begins at the airport, as I walk through the terminal to my gate.

It’s happening this morning at JFK International Airport, on the start of my journey to Bali, Indonesia. I hear languages foreign from my own, the chitter-chatter of the world. I see names of exotic places on the departure screens, all places that I want to visit or experience again. There is a buzz, an excitement, a positive feeling that permeates the terminal. It’s all very forward-thinking and forward-feeling.

As much as my mind and body want to be in Bali — like, now — I stay grounded in this present moment. I watch, listen and observe the beautiful travel ballet of suitcases and headphones and coffee around me, and recognize how it’s already shifting something inside of me.

Simply put, this environment sets the butterflies free from my heart. And I, in turn, also become a metaphorical butterfly, ready to flutter into a new part of the world.

I love the travel butterflies within me — and the dancing butterfly that I’m about to become.

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