My practice space

After snapping this picture, I realized that my mat needed a good scrubbing. This is how it looked after nearly 20 hours of yoga workshops and training this weekend.

I wish that I had a separate room to practice yoga.  A private space, where I could shut the world out to retreat inward.  Someday.  I’m making a mental note for when I purchase my first house …

Until then, I unroll my mat in a space squeezed between my kitchen, living area and home office.  It’s a little cramped.  It gets a little drafty.  It doesn’t face east.

But, it does face an “altar” of sorts — something I just realized tonight while snapping pictures for a teacher training homework assignment.

I practice in front of a built-in bookcase housing a mosaic of what’s important in my life: photos of family and friends, artifacts from astounding travel adventures, treasured books … and a gentle reminder scribbled on a piece of painted wood.

Of all the other spots in my loft-style condo where I could be placing my mat, this is where I place it for my personal practice.  I didn’t plan it this way.  It just happened organically.

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