Asanas in India

Before leaving India last week, I spent an afternoon with a photographer from Italy named Alessandro Sigismondi. He is a fellow yogi who is growing his videography business in Mysore. His company is called Digital Drishti — clever and appropriate, considering he caters to the yogi community specifically.

I hired Alessandro because I wanted to fuse together two things I love: yoga and India. I wanted this captured in professionally shot photographs, more for personal and family posterity than any sort of marketing endeavor. Photographs are always the most cherished souvenir of any journey I make, aside from the memories and lessons. Photographs are a tangible souvenir. And I wanted this done right. If they end up in marketing collateral someday, awesome.

I did something similar when I re-visited Sedona last year. That is another destination that holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. (When I figure out to create a hyperlink to that blog post using my iPad, I will do so.)

Although I was battling an injured back that prevented me from doing some of the more complex asanas during this India photo shoot, I did manage to muscle in a few handstands. Had to keep up that tradition!

My favorites are below. If you have a favorite, email me!

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