Class Notes, Week 57: “Spotlight on Sequencing”

The Moksha yoga teacher training program requires me to journal once each week about my experience with the poses and assignments + my practice and progress. This is part of that weekly assignment.

This is Kim Wilcox reviewing a sequence designed by another yoga teacher.  Notice the careful consideration she evokes, hand to chin, as she reviews the logic and structure.

Kim brings that same thoughtfulness into each class she teaches — it’s one of the many reasons why she is one of my favorite yoga teachers in Chicago, and why I consider her a yogini role model.

For the past several Sundays, I’ve been taking her “Spotlight on Sequencing” course, a multi-week workshop that focuses on how to carefully construct asana practices for students.  From 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., a small collection of us get together to learn from Kim, who is arguably Moksha Yoga Center’s premier teacher.  She’s been teaching yoga for more than 15 years.  Her classes always leave me feeling blissed out and centered — and much of it I attribute to her sequencing.

Now, I’m learning the how and why behind her methodology — so that I, too, can leverage it in my own teaching.

It really is an art.  Throwing a bunch of poses together doesn’t cut it.  In order to prepare for specific poses in a practice, you need to do exactly that: prepare the body.  And every pose requires certain considerations.  You can’t just jump into Ardha Matsyasana, Dhanurasana or Parivrtta Trikonasana without preparing the body appropriately.  Otherwise, you risk students hurting themselves or having them leave practice with imbalanced energetics.

After three weeks of learning from Kim, I got to present a sequence for her and the rest of our little class.  After spending time reviewing it and discussing, Kim smiled and said “awesome” twice.

That made me so proud — to hear that from one of my yoga mentors.

Here is my sequence:

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