Simplicity + non-attachment

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

This short chorus has echoed throughout these past several months.

It’s popped up in all sorts of literature I’ve read recently.  It bubbled up as a lesson during my past life regression in February.  It even came out of the mouth of my company’s CEO — directed at me — this week.

It’s a chorus that seems to be stalking me.

And I’m listening.

I’ve begun by stripping things out of my life and giving “things” away.  I threw away all of the travel magazines that I’ve been saving for the past five years.  I donated three garbage bags of clothing.  As I look around my condo right now, I see so many more “things” that I don’t need.  In a few weeks, they will be gone.

I’m getting more comfortable with letting go.  I think it starts with letting go of the “things.”  At least, that is what’s working for me.

It’s the act of letting go of much bigger components of my life that has inspired moments of panic, fear and self-doubt mingled with excitement, curiosity and exhilaration.  Can I do it?  I set a few wheels in motion over these past two weeks … with no clear indication into which direction these actions will take me.  TBD.

All I know is that I cannot keep doing the same thing, and keep approaching life the way I always have.  By emptying my life of certain components, it gives the universe an opportunity fill those gaps up with something new!  That’s both scary and exciting.  It’s a leap that I’m more comfortable making, however, as I continue freeing myself from “things.”

It’s a strange sort of bliss that comes with non-attachment.

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