Adjustments workshop with Rich Logan

I attended a weekend workshop with Rich Logan that focused on how to safely and creatively give students adjustments while in yoga poses.

I am not a big adjuster-type teacher, not yet anyway.  I rely on verbal cues and slight of touch to direct students.

This approach comes down to my relationship with receiving adjustments — sometimes I love them and want assistance going deeper, sometimes I hate them and just want to focus on staying within my flow.

This approach is also due to my confidence in giving adjustments — I’m not always sure what to do, how much pressure to apply, if the student will cringe beneath my touch.

I guess it has a lot to do with my own ego.  (Tsk, tsk.)  Nevertheless, I do want to stay open to adjustments because, in the end, it’s all about what will benefit the student.  And sometimes, it’s an adjustment.

Some students are auditory learners.  Some students are visual learners.  And some students require you to manually help them experience/notice/feel until they can do it independently.

This weekend definitely gave me new confidence, and tools to apply to classes moving forward.  Creating space-length (between hips/low ribs + between the upper back/lower back) and opening the heart were key end-results with most of the maneuvers we learned.

I am grateful that I invested this time in the yoga studio … over what was quite possibly the most beautiful weekend of the summer.

Below are snapshots (literally) of what we learned in this morning’s session.  I didn’t whip my camera phone out throughout the workshop, unfortunately.

Creating length in the spine in a Dolphin pose variation.


Emphasizing hugging the midline in forearm balance.


Inspiring more shoulder stretch, chest lift and hugging the midline in backbend.

An adjustment for Shoulderstand that I’d probably only give with a student I knew really, really well.

Backbend adjustment to help emphasize shoulder opening.

Backbend modification.


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