Quote: July 29, 2013

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I’m not sure who said this, but I love it.  It’s a bit more delicate than this (especially if you read it in a tough-guy New York accent): “Wake the f&*$ up, get your head out of the clouds and put a strategy in place if you really-truly want this thing you keep daydreaming about.  ‘Cuz it ain’t gonnna just happen to you without any effort, you dumbass.”

I like the second, more colorful version because it really lights the fire.  It motivates by directly calling out passivity, something that settles into so many of us.  How many of us wish and dream and want?  But don’t do a damn thing about it, i.e. make even a small change to put us closer to that desire?  Then complain when nothing changes?

I dream a lot, thanks to my active imagination.  The dreams that tug and pull at my heart, I develop a plan to make them a reality.  I am in the stages of doing that right now.  Yes, this thing that I’ve been secretly birthing is quieting coming into reality.

The moment it becomes real is when I talk about it.  Which I did tonight.

I spoke about my loosely mapped goals to several people — people who I knew would champion and encourage my process.  It’s the first time I’ve really expressed my considerations into words, and it felt good to finally verbalize.  It also brought awareness to aspects that I still needed to consider.

I need to talk about it more, not just to get feedback from others, but to stay in tune to how I am communicating my ideas and how that might reflect my true feelings and intentions.  Talking helps.  So often, I let things stew in my mind and imagination, in solitude, sometimes putting pen to paper.  With what I am exploring now, I need feedback.

The preliminary support is, of course, awesome.  I crave the support, as long as it’s honest.

But, the cheerleading that needs to come from me hasn’t gone full throttle yet.  I need for that confident and gutsy cheerleader — the who does the high-flying flips and inspires the crowd to cheer in sync — to emerge.

Where is she?  What’s holding her back?

I guess she’s still mapping out her routine …

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