Class Notes, Week 45: Yoga @ Wrigley Field

The Moksha yoga teacher training program requires me to journal once each week about my experience with the poses and assignments + my practice and progress. This is part of that weekly assignment.

Hundreds of Chicago yogis participate in “Hit an OM Run” at Wrigley Field.

I celebrated my birthday with hundreds of other yogis at Wrigley Field last night.

It was spectacular.  And it was free.

Wrigley Field is one of the most iconic settings in Chicago, if not the United States.  Stepping out onto the grass where I had seen baseball games and concerts — it was a thrill.  Moving through vinyasa sequences on this grass — it was goosebump-inducing.  As a memory marker for my 34th birthday, it couldn’t have been more perfect: celebrating yoga in the city that I love.

The event was hosted by Lululemon, a store where yoga pants come with a $100 price-tag.  Corporate sponsorship and promotion aside, I really appreciate efforts like this to pique interest in yoga, regardless of where the originate.  Bring it to a famous baseball park.  Bring it to the smaller parks of Chicago.  Get it in front of people, for free, in the hopes that something might click and it becomes a lifetime thing.  Inspire curiosity.  Demystify the practice.  Trigger an awakening in people who didn’t realize that they were asleep at life’s wheel.

As we finished the practice in savasana, all of us on our backs supported by the freshly cut grass of Wrigley Field, there was a beautiful silence in that ballpark accustomed to loud choruses of cheers and jeers.  I breathed in the scent of the grass and gave thanks for that moment.  Then, I heard the approach of rain.  Small raindrops began falling from the sky.  Savasana was over.  The rain came at a perfect time.

There was a nice symbolism with that rain: a cleanse of the past year, as I entered the next.


Reshma joined me for the practice! She was my student with vertigo in Gabriel Halpern’s “Customized Yoga” class. We’ve since become friends and are quickly discovering that we have waaay too much in common — a zest for travel being one of them.

View from down dog.

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