Bathing in the glow of the supermoon

I spent the evening on my rooftop deck, gazing at the moon.  It’s a full moon tonight.  A supermoon.  A large moon.  A really, really bright moon.

During a recent yoga practice, the teacher said that this full moon marks an auspicious time for new beginnings.  I haven’t done research on this yet — as I always thought the “new moon” was an auspicious time for new beginnings.

But really, I like to believe that any time is an auspicious time for a new beginnings.  No better time to act on something than the present, right?  Supermoon or wimpymoon, right?

Given the words of my teacher, however, I figured that I’d seize the evening to reflect on the idea of new beginnings.

As I sat up on the deck, I revisited episodes of contemplation conducted up there — and the new beginnings inspired as a result.  I agonized over what to do with my life after I lost my job at Kurtis Productions, up there.  Four months later, I agonized over which job offer to take, up there.  Four years later, I agonized over what to do about a relationship that was crushing my heart and spirit, up there.

That roof deck harbors the echoes of my agony, my confusion and my prayers over these recent years.  I only realized this tonight.

There’s something about not having a “ceiling” and being able to emit my energy to the sun, the clouds — and tonight, the moon — that is freeing, less suffocating.  Feelings travel from my heart to the sky, and out into the universe.

Will she answer back this time?

I kept my eyes fixed on the bright moon tonight, searching for a “sign.”

In between spontaneous tears, I felt a lunar embrace.  That’s good enough for tonight.  I have a feeling that someday soon I’ll reflect on this night, another night of contemplation intertwined with threads of agony, and smile at what was ultimately inspired.

That’s my hope anyway.  One I beamed from my heart to the sky, and out into the universe.

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